Monday, November 1, 2010

And the cabin continues - Part II

... another beautiful weekend and the snow has stayed away. YES!!!

This weekend we were able to put the corner posts and walls up for the cabin. It went pretty quickly and without any glitch.

Here some pictures of the progress:

first corner log ready to be put on

and the first wall is up!

all posts in place and 2 walls framed. Yay!

end of Day 1. 3 Walls up

Next day the last wall was framed and put into place. The windows will get cut out once we are ready to install them. First there will be a round of logs placed on top of the walls and then 1 post into each gable wall, then the ridge log. After that we can start with the roof. Wish us luck

The siding for the cabin will be wavy edge siding on the bottom and board and batten on the gables and will be stained red, most likely. Hopefully the rest of the structure (roof) can get built this week (at my husbands work site) and then brought to the building location via crane truck next weekend or the weekend after. I'll update as we go along.


  1. Oooh that looks awesome! Makes me miss my cabin though!

  2. thanks DK ;)
    And sorry that you now miss your cabin :(

  3. I still can't believe how fast hubby works.
    Watching this makes me miss my cabin too.
    It's been a whole month since we've gone and
    this is a great time to go... the air is crisp and
    clean. :)

    Are you going to buy more land and build other
    cottages and make it a business on the side?
    Or is this a one time thing?

  4. Will you get to go up during Winter, Cathy?
    Right now the plan is to finish this one and then see how much it would be worth on the market. We'll try to sell it most likely (if it's worth it) and then get another property in the same area and do the same thing again. We'll see how it all goes.
    Sam thinks he can get the roof built at work this weekend and then we could possibly set it up next week if we can get a crane truck. Exciting!!

  5. Yep Moni we are going to go sometime this month if hubby is feeling better. And we'll probably go after xmas, I'd like to go before but that might be pushing it.

    Are you going to winterize it? Can't wait to see the end result. :)

  6. yes, we're going to winterize it. I can imagine Christmas at the cabin; snow shoeing or Xcountry skiing over the lake, ice fishing and then relaxing in the toasty cabin with Spiked Hot Chocolate and a book... ahhhhhhh

  7. ahhhh sounds great. Is your property lakefront?

  8. no this one isn't lakefront but it's not far to walk to the lake. We have a community access and some of us put money together to buy a dock.

  9. That's great. :) We have to drive 5 minutes to our big lake. There is a smaller lake but its behind our neighbours house and you have to go through a lot of bush to get to it. :(

    Our cabin with the porch is 20x30, has two bedrooms.
    But its not living space, its actually smaller. Once we close in the porch it will be 20x30 living space. Not sure what that is in square footage tho. We are going to have a bathroom off to the side and build a porch joining it. And then a nice big veranda on the other side where our entrance is.

    Where our cabin is it took the owner two years to finally sell. BUT.... there is no water close, just creeks. and its not a very touristy area, more hunting than anything else. I'm sure your's will sell much faster by the sounds of the area. :)

    Are you going to have a well drilled? Or leave that for the person buying?

  10. Wow, that sounds like a great size! About double what we have. Lucky girl! And once the porch is closed in it will be awesome!
    No, we won't bother with a well. Somebody else can do that if they want running water. We don't mind hauling water out there for now. If we end up keeping it, we MIGHT drill a well. But it's so expensive.

  11. True. Ours cost over 7,000 which is actually cheaper than we thought. We thought everything would end up being 10 grand since we were on a hill.

    Plus then you have to get a heater and all that. Best to sell as is, unless of course you want to keep it. :D

    We went to a place before where they supplied the water. It was fine, no problems whatsoever. The view more than made up for the slight inconvenience. :)

    even with the well, our cabin only went up in value 10 grand. So we only made a couple thousand. If we were deciding to sell. So really for you it wouldn't be worth it.

  12. yes, see? That's how we look at it, too. If it doesn't really bring us much more value, we might as well not do it to keep the cost of the place down. Let someone else decide if they need running water or not.
    I heard that it's about $150/foot for a well here.

  13. OMG.... 150 a foot? That's CRAZY!!!!

    For us we only paid 25 a foot. We were lucky also because it was only 155 feet down. The guy across the way was 250 and the farmer down the road was 400 feet down.

    Plus the cost of pipes and pumps, holding tanks etc. We were lucky because we are on solid granite rock and we didn't need as much pipe, the water just comes up through the rock. So in the end we saved a lot of money. If we were right on ground, that would be another 400 bucks easily.

    This year we find out if we can have running water, or if the water freezes. Don't want to have water all over the place. Fun stuff.