Friday, November 12, 2010

The roof is going on...Part IV

Yesterday was the day the roof logs were put into place. Again, the weather was excellent and cooperated with us. Here a few pics of how it all came together. Enjoy!

The roof logs all packed up and stacked on the trailer:

And here it is. Isn't it beautiful? I shed a couple of tears yesterday when I walked into the cabin after they were finished with the logs.

The boys are working on rafters and tin over the next couple of days. I hope to have more pics of the closed up roof later this weekend.


  1. Just incredible, so simple and beautiful! I love tin roofs, the piddle sound of the snow and the sound of rain on a hot tin roof is so soothing. :-)
    I am having major cabin envy here!
    Michelle in NV

  2. Aw, thanks Michelle.
    update: One side of the roof has tin on it, the other one and the porch roof will get finished today. hooorrrayyy! Can't wait to see it tomorrow