Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We started our cabin in the woods...part I

Nothing like pressuring yourself with time issues, right?

We know that the snow will be flying in no time, but we decided on a whim to put a cabin up on our other property by the lake. Not sure why we thought it is a great idea to start now, since it's already October, but hey we seem to work best under pressure. lol.

So over the next few weeks (hopefully we'll be done by the middle of November (with the outside anyway) I'll be posting the progress of our little 16x20' Post and Beam Cabin. Of course it helps, that my husband builds log homes for a living... Fingers crossed that we'll get it finished as planned.

The Floor and Porch:

Next: The Posts will go on and the walls will get framed. Stay tuned for another update