Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kitchen Island, Trunk Top and Loft Railings - Part XIII

I mentioned in my last blog post that we were planning on putting in a little island to extend our counter space and here is what I was talking about. It's an old Wringer/Washer tub and since the height of it was perfect counter height, we made a round wooden top for it. And didn't it come out great? It will really be a great addition to our kitchen and it looks right in place :) 

Then it was time to work on the loft railing. Earlier that day I saw a really cool stair railing done similar to this and I showed it to my husband. We both had a huge 'A-ha moment' and knew that it would be perfect for the cabin. And since we had all the supplies basically, it is what we did.




The view from the loft. I love the wooden top we made for the storage trunk. 

And this little owl came from one of my market neighbours. So sweet. 

Don't you just love the evening light in here? Everything just glows with warmth. So lovely. 

finally - the long awaited cabin update! - Part XII

Yes, yes, yes. The long awaited cabin update is finally here. I apologize for the long wait but better late than never, right?!

So I'll be picking up from when you saw it last

The window sills. We prebuilt them at home and then they slid right into place once we were at the cabin. Super easy with some preparation, really. And it kept all the dust at home. ha.

After that we were done for the season as fall came to a close and winter started to hit.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago when we started working on the kitchen area of the cabin. The inspiration for it all... an old Fridgidaire Cookstove  from 1954... Isn't it a treasure?  Everything works perfectly and it is a real treat to cook on it.

Then we were ready to build some countertops and a work bench. All this was done at home

picking out the countertop material. Some maple boards we had sitting in the shop for several years...

primed counter base...

and whoever knows me knew it was going to be red. ;)

The counters got built in after sanding/sealing had been completed at home as well. I still want to paint the white cabinet red as well. It just HAS to be red ;)

Doesn't it look amazing? We found the pot rack rails at Ikea, and also the little light fixture... ;)

Added some shelves for odds and ends we always use.

The next part was the living room area. On a recent trip we found this gorgeous trunk on sale and knew it was going to be perfect for storing extra bedding for the hide-a-bed. We think it will do it's job really well.

The short weekend already came to a halt and we had to go home once again for another week. Next plans included to build a wooden top for the trunk and to work on a little island for the kitchen to gain additional counter space. Stay tuned for another update a little later. I have more pics to show. . .