Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The cabin is done...Part IX

... on the outside! :)

We took advantage of the long weekend and finished the cabin on the outside. And didn't it come out great?! We are so very happy about it and are getting more and more excited to be yet another step closer.
Here the last ones (maybe) of the outside. The next step will be to get Power in from the pole to the cabin, so we can get switches and plugins wired in. Then on to insulation etc...

The next wall is coming along greatly

And onto the last wall. We're loving the window trim and we seem to get lots of comments on that from the neighbours.

This, btw, is the dining area window. 

And here it is. Finally done on the outside!

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Cabin Progress - Part VIII

After a couple of weeks of not going to the cabin, we were at it again the last couple of days.
The wavy edged siding and the window trim have gone on on 2 sides and we finished the fascia boards on the back gable.

detail of the window trim:

It's really coming along now, isn't it? Next week the last two walls will get the siding done and we have to finish off a couple of small edges with the fascia boards; then we can move to the inside and get started with that.