Tuesday, April 19, 2011

and the construction continues... Part VII

on the cabin.
Last weekend we put in the long awaited windows and the gables were finished by framing them in and finishing all the siding on those as well. It's really coming together now and we are excited each time we get to work on it yet again.

see, the gables now strut the completed board and batten siding. Love it!!

woke up to this

the living room window

we even got some ceiling installed on the porch. It's cedar

All that work that we accomplished over the last while made me do this:

Next weekend we will be working on the soffits and fascia boards and we'll also be installing a door, hopefully!

Monday, April 4, 2011

it's time...Part VI

... to work on the cabin again.
Last week we had to rent a machine to dig out the driveway and this week we started framing in the gables of the cabin.

Last weekend:


This weekend:
the front gable:

The boards are on and next time we'll need to add the battens that go over each vertical seam...

the back gable:

Next week we'll be scouring a used building supply place for windows and a door! Can't wait!