Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And more of the cabin... Part XI

As we are getting closer to the end of the cabin construction I wanted to update again of how far we are now.

Since the last update we have worked on the walls on the main floor. Insulating, drywalling and painting were the first steps before adding the final wall touches that make me giddy when looking at them.

Drywall up and mudded

closeup of the ladder to the loft


and painted:

and our little loft upstairs. Cozy!

And here is what I meant about the giddy-ness. I am actually talking about the walls, although my husband does make me giddy as well. lol. 

Didn't it turn out amazing? 

We are so incredibly happy at how this looks. It is EXACTLY of what I had pictured so long ago.

The next steps will be the window trim and the railing upstairs. The floor will possibly happen next year and this is what I've been thinking about:

What do you think?! ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The cabins interior has started; and we've got Power - Part X

We've been hard at work at our cabin again and have started with the interior finishing.

The first thing we did was start getting the ceiling insulated and tongue-and-grooved.

We were able to get this step done before getting an electrician in to do all the wiring.
We put the power from the power pole to the cabin underground. If we wouldn't have done that, we would have had to clear a much wider area of any trees and bushes. That is something we wanted to avoid under any circumstances.

Now back to the inside of the cabin and what we've done so far.
Insulated both gables, got power boxes and switches wired

This past weekend we finished putting tongue and groove boards on the gables and started putting the loft floor down. Unfortunately we didn't get as much delivered as we had ordered, so we'll have to finish it next time. 

but doesn't it look great?

and here is the floor from below.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The cabin is done...Part IX

... on the outside! :)

We took advantage of the long weekend and finished the cabin on the outside. And didn't it come out great?! We are so very happy about it and are getting more and more excited to be yet another step closer.
Here the last ones (maybe) of the outside. The next step will be to get Power in from the pole to the cabin, so we can get switches and plugins wired in. Then on to insulation etc...

The next wall is coming along greatly

And onto the last wall. We're loving the window trim and we seem to get lots of comments on that from the neighbours.

This, btw, is the dining area window. 

And here it is. Finally done on the outside!

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Cabin Progress - Part VIII

After a couple of weeks of not going to the cabin, we were at it again the last couple of days.
The wavy edged siding and the window trim have gone on on 2 sides and we finished the fascia boards on the back gable.

detail of the window trim:

It's really coming along now, isn't it? Next week the last two walls will get the siding done and we have to finish off a couple of small edges with the fascia boards; then we can move to the inside and get started with that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

and the construction continues... Part VII

on the cabin.
Last weekend we put in the long awaited windows and the gables were finished by framing them in and finishing all the siding on those as well. It's really coming together now and we are excited each time we get to work on it yet again.

see, the gables now strut the completed board and batten siding. Love it!!

woke up to this

the living room window

we even got some ceiling installed on the porch. It's cedar

All that work that we accomplished over the last while made me do this:

Next weekend we will be working on the soffits and fascia boards and we'll also be installing a door, hopefully!

Monday, April 4, 2011

it's time...Part VI

... to work on the cabin again.
Last week we had to rent a machine to dig out the driveway and this week we started framing in the gables of the cabin.

Last weekend:


This weekend:
the front gable:

The boards are on and next time we'll need to add the battens that go over each vertical seam...

the back gable:

Next week we'll be scouring a used building supply place for windows and a door! Can't wait!