Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The cabins interior has started; and we've got Power - Part X

We've been hard at work at our cabin again and have started with the interior finishing.

The first thing we did was start getting the ceiling insulated and tongue-and-grooved.

We were able to get this step done before getting an electrician in to do all the wiring.
We put the power from the power pole to the cabin underground. If we wouldn't have done that, we would have had to clear a much wider area of any trees and bushes. That is something we wanted to avoid under any circumstances.

Now back to the inside of the cabin and what we've done so far.
Insulated both gables, got power boxes and switches wired

This past weekend we finished putting tongue and groove boards on the gables and started putting the loft floor down. Unfortunately we didn't get as much delivered as we had ordered, so we'll have to finish it next time. 

but doesn't it look great?

and here is the floor from below.