Friday, June 2, 2017

May Storm 2017 - The damage was real

May 23rd was the biggest storm in at least 40 years, according to some of the old timers in the area.
Hurricane force winds blew past and the cabin did not end up unscathed. 
One of our Poplar Trees broke off several feet up and turned into a spear straight into the roof and out the other side. The force must've been incredible but even though the damage was more than we had expected, it could have been a whole lot worse if we didn't have the strong roof that we have. Having the log ridge and log purlins was what kept our cabin from being damaged even more and leaving thousands more damage. 
Here some pics of the damage: 

yes, that tree is going through the roof! Yikes!


After assessing the damage, we made a materials list and got to work. Thank you to our neighbours Alan, Tess, Gary and Merry for giving us a hand; because the next rain storm was already on the horizon and we needed to get the cabin closed off again. 

 lots of brush to clean up...

The last board of the Tongue and Groove will need to be custom fitted because the new boards are slightly larger than the old ones. So, we  almost have our pretty cabin back and even though it was quite a bit of damage, it could have been so much worse if it would be a regular framed cabin. 7 new sheets of Metal Roofing, new plywood where the holes were, new roofing paper, new insulation, vapour barrier and 5 rows of Tongue and Groove! 
Hooray to strong Log Cabins! 


  1. OMG!! Wonderful patchup job! We have gale force here in Haida Gwaii.... trees fall routinely on roofs - power poles.... so glad your neighbors all pitched in.... weather is getting stranger and stranger..... great job!

  2. yes it's such a great community and the help is certainly appreciated. Sam was away when this happened and that stressed me out even more. All good now, though. Everything has been repaired and we can get on with it. There are 3 tall Poplars that we most likely have to take down. Faller coming this weekend to take a look at those.